XT02 Cheap Shoe Films Dispenser Automatic Foot Cover Machine

Machine Model: XT02 Machine Size: 420*220*135mm(L*W*H) Capacity: 30-50PCS/min To customer's requirements. Voltage: Single-phase 200v Power Consumption: 3.5kw Machine weight: 2kg Suitable film: 20%-30% High-pressure plastic film together with 70-80% The low blow plastic film made.

Product Details

Fully Automatic Plastic Shoe Cover Machinery XT02
Adjustable ultrasonic welding or a combination of electric welding.
Electric wheel automatic clutch (stop separation, the boot is closed).

Fracture automated shutdown, automatic shutdown broken tendons.
Production shoe covers Size: (L) 360-500mm (depth) 140-200mm.
Show Film Machine Descriptions:
PE Automatic Plastic Shoe Cover Machine is one automatic production machine of producing elastic plastic shoe cover, per-minute output is up to 30-50PCS. It is suitable for hospitals and clean industry. It can finish products from raw materials into the expected completion with a continuous line of automatic equipment, required a person to feed.


1, High output, small size, do not take up space.
2, Program computer-controlled, photoelectric detection devices, reliability and high-performance
3, Automatic tension control, debug hot electric welding.
4, Finished appearance beautiful fashion.
5The whole machine with steel structure.

Mechanical main configurations:
1, Quartet Steel iron frame, material frame (surface silver-white color and elctrocoating).
2, Euipped with a set of wearing parts and a set of toolbox.


plastic shoe cover machine  size


ABS foot cover dispenser colors

golden, pink, blue, green, white, silver, grey

plastic/pe  shoe cover machine working capacity

30-50pcs / min

plastic/pe  shoe cover machine packing size


packing quantity

Net Weights
packing safety
color box+carton packing