Wall Electronic Counter Smart Sensor Digital Detecting Thermometer

M3 electronic counter factory directly wholesale prices 120pcs: $35/pcs 600pcs: $30/pcs 1200pcs: $28/pcs Product parameters 1. Weight : about 190g(without battery) 2. Measurement range : 32°C ~42.9°C (body temperature): 0°C~100°C (object temperature) 3. Accuracy : 32°C ~34.9°C ±0.3°C 35ºC~42ºC ±0.2ºC 42.1ºC~42.9ºC ±0.3ºC 4. Power consumption: ≤150 MW 5. Measurement distance :1cm~3cm 6. Automatic shutdown.:≤18 seconds

Product Details

M3 wall type electronic counter electronic camera non medical use

Factory wholesale prices $28/pcs, $30/pcs!

1. New chip is adopted, the sensing time is faster (500 ms); the passing rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people / min).

2. High temperature measurement accuracy, accuracy tolerance: ± 0.2 (34 ~ 45 ºC)
3. It has detection failure light prompt and abnormal temperature light prompt early warning.
4. It can be connected to USB power supply, power bank and self-contained 18650 lithium battery.
5. High definition display, 5 meters visual distance.
6. Intelligent infrared forehead thermometer, no need to hold, can hang / double-sided adhesive tape / bracket fixation, etc.
7. The price makes up for the price vacuum of hand-held frontal temperature gun and high-cost thermal imaging thermometer.
8. It can be used in different occasions. Office / subway / family / supermarket / store / community / entrance, etc

M3 Technic Specifications:


Abnormal automatic alarm:flashing + “Di Dir” sound

Automatic neasuremer:measuring distance 5cm -10cm

Standby:About one week

Install method:nail hook, double-sided adhesive sticking, bracket fixing

Operating temperature:10℃- 40℃ (Recommend 15℃-35 ℃)

Standby:5s (Red dot dynamic cyclel)

Response time:0.5s

Charging method:USB Charging or battery

Input:USB DC 4.2-5V



Infrared measuring range:0-50℃

Screen:digital display

M3 Electronic Counter Images:

✮Automatic measurement: measuring distance 5cm ~ 10cm 

✮Standby:About one week 
✮Size: 170*115*140mm 
✮Abnormal automatic alarm: flashing +"Di Di" sound 
✮Screen: Digital display 
✮Environment temperature: 10℃~40℃(Recommended 15℃~35℃) 
✮Infrared measuring range: 0~50℃ 
✮Package included: 
✮1 x Non-Contact Infrared Temperature

Shipping Information:

FOB Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:3 - 5 days

HTS Code:9025.19.90 10

Dimensions per Unit:170 × 110 × 145 Centimeters

Weight per Unit:0.5 Kilograms

Units per Export Carton:12pcs

Carton Dimensions L/W/H:63x34x31cm

Carton Volume Weight: 15kg/ctn.