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Integrated RGBW Strips For Spain Client

Jul 19, 2019

                               200m 5050 60led IP68 Integrated RGBW Strips

   The Spain customer ordered 200 meters DC24V 5050 60led/m integrated RGBW strips again last week. The RGBW strips are IP68 silicon glue waterproof, thus it took nearly one week to produce. The 5050 RGB LED is 18-20LM high bright. The white light is 6000-6500K cool white. Our rgbw led strip lights RGBW LED Strips 5050SMD and RGBW 4 Colors In 1 LED 5050 LED Strips are very popular for indoor home lighting, Now 5 in 1 RGBWWW strips can be produced. Do you want to try it?