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Cheap 7 Color E27 LED Bulbs

Sep 02, 2019

                                                    Colored Shell Bulbs For Iran Client

     Last week a new client from Iran ordered 25,000pcs G45 global bulbs. These bulbs have red, green, blue, yellow and white shells. The wattage is 1W. It's nore used for lighting. It's used for festival decoration. We offered the customer very cheap price $0.15/pcs. The client said in Iran market this bulb is only $0.25/pcs. Thus the client has $0.1/pcs profits range. The packing is 200pcs/carton. About 5kg/carton. Will deliver the 25000pcs colored shell bulbs by ocean. The production will keep 7-10 working days. If this global colorful bulb is also popular in your market, we can also suply it to you by large quantity.