IP20 Non Waterproof 2835 60 Led RGB Strips Blister Packaging Cheap Wholesale

The 2835 60led/m RGB strips can be sold individually too. IP20 non waterproof is about $0.3-$0.35/m, IP65 PU glue waterproof is about $0.4-$0.45/m. The prices can be negotiable according to the exact order quantity. The FPC is single side board. The 24keys RGB controller has two quality, cheaper one is $0.5-$0.6/pcs. better one is $1.5-$1.6/pcs. The 24W wall type power adapter also have general and CE approved two quality. If customer want to low down the costs, 18W power adapter can be used. The blister package has big volume weights, to save freights, the RGB strips, controller, power supply and skin bags can be packed individually, customers can pack them together after receiving the goods.

Product Details

Cheap Factory Price 2835 Led RGB Strips Blister Packaging


Product Features:

1. Red+blue, red+green, red+blue nice effects.
2. Really cheap factory wholesale prices.
3. Various types blister packaging for customers choice.
4. 18w 24w power adapters, 24key 44key touch screen RGB controllers optional.
5. All kinds of accessories such as connectors, aluminum profiles can be supplied.
6. Retail order is also welcome. 10kits can be sold too, but the freights are not economical.
7. Fast production&shipping. 7-10 days for 1000kits, 4-6days by DHL, UPS, TNT shipping.

8. New replacements of the defectives ones, send with next order.




 Lighting Effects:



Blister Packaging:




Technical Data:

SMD LED Qty. Color  Voltage  PCB Width   Power  View Angle  PCB Color  IP Grade

2835 60led/m  RGB    DC12V     8mm         4.8W/m      120°       White  IP20 non waterproof

2835 60led/m  RGB    DC12V     8mm         4.8W/m       120°      White  IP65 PU glue waterproof

Typical Application Circuit:



Note: The positive and negative electrodes can not be reversed, otherwise it will not work.

Installation Guide:


1. As shown, cut at the place indicated of the strip into the required length.

2. Connect to the 12V DC power supply marked on the product.

3. Remove the back 3M adhesive layer of the strip, and do not put your hands on the exposed adhesive in case of adhesion decreased.

4Paste it in the application area, gently press to ensure firmly bonding.


Note: Please do not fold products ≤ 90 º artificially when installing to avoid any damage.

Application Remarks:

 1.LED strip is a precision electronic product, which should be treated gently and cant be pressed heavily during transportation. All LED products are very sensitive to static electricity so we should avoid this while installing or using it, in case of any breakdown or death of the LED. Do not use nails or sharp objects to press the LED surface.

2.If the installation is not DIY, its better to ask professional electrician for the installation to prevent any electric shock and short circuit.

3.Do not connect the strip with AC110V or AC220V directly, which will make it burnt. The strip must use a single power supply, the option of power(watts) can refer to the power of the strip itself and the length of the strip you make for one driver, that is, the power of the strip segment (including RGB controller and amplifier if any) cant exceed that of the power supplys 70% so as to ensure the lifetime of the power supply.

4.Avoid the place of the LEDs and the components in the bending of the strip during the install of the products to avoid the components falling off and keep the product away from damage. Before installation, dont tear off the gummed paper on the surface, and make sure there is no problem of the length position .The installing surface must be flat and smooth, no grease or dirt. Beside, uneven surface will affect the pasting.

5.Strongly recommend that keep the strip 5m per unit, and from the head to the tail positive and negative parallel linked, keep the power accessed in very 5m range .In this way ,could ensure the LED lighting stable and uniform.

6.As RGB strip needs coupled with the controller and amplifier, confirm the line layout and direction before using to ensure the controller and amplifier installation position appropriate; The order of red, green, blue and black positive signal line cant be reversed, otherwise, controller will be burned, the power supply power and controller in strict accordance with the power supply power please > RGB controller (amplifier) > strip in the order selection, after installation please check carefully lines, remember! Confirm correct before can turn on the power. Controller using range must ventilated dry, so as not to affect the heat dissipation, if used in outdoor must add waterproof electricity box.

7.If the mounting surface is metal or conductive material, it must be put a layer of insulating material before installing to prevent the strip of anode in the article short circuit bright or burned.

8.Do not installed non-waterproof strip in moisture, relative humidity above 50% RH environment , preventing the epoxy waterproof temporarily splash water or pouring water, do not long time put into water or in the rain, such as non-essential please choose the higher level waterproof products.

9.Do prevent LED from contacting or pollution by trichloroethylene, acetone, sulfides, nitrides, acid, alkali, salts, MSDS ect. Sodium, sulfur compounds, strong alkali, strong acid shall result in phosphors color fading. These substances will damage LED (such as: the silver plate of lead frame becomes black and phosphor color fades etc).

10.From the purchase date, the product is provided with a free repair guarantee and quality warranty as per the warranty period in contract. (Should our company confirm defects or the defects are caused by material itself, free repair or replacement will be provided.) The limited warranty does not include damages caused by natural disasters, war, irresistible accident and rude installation (strong pull, mess throw or press)